13 August 2008

oh, no!

so, ben has just introduced me to facebook. i had heard of it before, but didn't think to check it out. i have now been playing on facebook for the last 2 hours- adding people from high school, college, church, etc. 2 hours! 2 hours that i really should be doing laundry or cleaning the house or really sleeping since i do have to be up for work at 6:30 am. but hey, it is fun. i am seeing people i haven't talked to in years.

alas, i should go. plus i am using ben's laptop and he is now back from running, showered, and ready to get on the computer. time to get the boys' lunches together, too, and head to bed. or i could get on the desktop...

11 August 2008

the dance of the kellers

this was one of my favorite moments in denver: seeing gma and gpa keller dance! they have got some moves and it was definitely a highlight of the party! don't mind ben laughing as he records this-he enjoyed the dancing just as much as i did.

web slideshows

ok, so maybe i am having far too much fun with these web slideshows. i can't resist. i have wanted to add them in the past, but just now figured it out. it saves space on the blog, and i am proud of myself for learning to use them. hopefully i will not overuse them!!!

09 August 2008

denver co

well, we got back wednesday from our trip to denver. it was gma and gpa keller's 60th wedding anniversary and we all had a big bash. we were going to drive but after our beach excursion, decided the 20 hours in a car with 2 tired and cranky boys might be too much. oh yeah, and a 6 1/2 mo prego me!!! unfortunately, our flight was delayed in pittsburgh, which caused us to miss our connecting flight in chicago. we attempted a later stand by flight, but had to stay overnight in a hotel, where we finally settled in a room at 12:30 am. the boys did so well. our 8 hour trip turned into a 24 hour trip, and i briefly regretted flying. but once we got to denver, everything was so much better.

it was a lot of fun to meet all of ben's extended family. i had met gma and gpa keller 2 or 3 times before, and joe and sharon (aunt and uncle) but it was great to meet ben's other aunt and uncle, rich and dee, and all their children. and their children. the keller clan seems to be growing. and we had a wonderful 5 days in co. now ben wants to move out west- either to vegas or denver. he is coming up with a "5 year plan." we'll see!

i will post pictures soon of our trip. and maybe a video as well!

07 August 2008

the point

so, we were bored and decided to take the boys downtown to the point. we had quite an adventure. here are some pics of the boys at the point: walking along the water and enjoying the spray of the fountain. it was a hot one, but worth the heat to hang out together on our saturday off!

better late than never- july 4th

happy belated 4th of july. we decided not to venture downtown for the fireworks, but instead had our own party here at home. jonas is a big fan, gryffin not so much. here are some pictures of the fun.