23 April 2009

could life be better?

i don't think it is possible. i am here at home, laying on the couch, watching the thursday night line up on nbc (30 rock currently), drinking lemonade and eating godiva truffles. and all three children are sleeping. hooray. life is good...

22 April 2009

more b-day fun

sunday we had a small celebration at the kellers for jomi's b-day. sadie and dustin were not there as they were still on their honeymoon, however, kate joined us. hooray for kate! she puts up with chris and now the rest of our family, too.

shut down

after the wedding on saturday evening, argyll's revenge played a concert at church. ben and chris left quickly after the dinner to go to the church and i waited at home until grandma and grandpa came over to watch the boys. the boys love spending time with grandma and grandpa, and patiently awaited their arrival while sitting on the front porch. the first is really one of my favorite pictures.

here are some additional pictures of the band playing. the band really wanted to play outside, which did result in some good publicity as there are a lot of college students nearby. however, we had some other visitors. i was going to say "unexpected" visitors but really, when a band plays outside at 9:00 pm, you kind of expect the police to come. ben even changed the lyrics he was singing to "the cops are coming" where normally it would be "mimi's coming" as the first cruiser pulled up. so worth it.

21 April 2009

climbing walls

jonas is growing up, literally. this is one of my favorite things to watch him do. and he has to do it at least 10 times per day. pretty impressive, i think.

the happy couple

in addition to the excitement this past weekend of jonas turning 5, sadie and dustin got married on saturday! it was a beautiful day for the occassion. our families met at the montour trail and saw sadie and dustin wed near the creek. it was a lovely ceremony, despite the boys playing in the dirt much of the time. caldwell took some amazing pictures that sadie has posted already on facebook, but i wanted to add some of ours as well. it was wonderful to be with sadie and dustin. following the ceremony, we all had dinner together at the gran canal caffe. here are a few pictures of sadie and dustin's special day.

17 April 2009

happy birthday to jomi

today is jomi's birthday, i can't believe it's true. 5 years old! going to kindergarten in just a few months. we have been celebrating for the last couple days because it is oh so fun to do so. we went to red robin for dinner yesterday and then to the park. today i took the day off work and took jonas out to breakfast and then to the mall. ben then took him to chuck-e-cheese and then tonight we had cake and ice cream. and yes, the cake is pink with pink icing- that's what he wanted.

confession. so jonas' birthday is really tomorrow. yes, tomorrow. however, sadie is getting married tomorrow and we are having a dinner in the evening that is adults only. so, we have been telling jonas his birthday is today. he doesn't know. is lying condoned in this situation? i think so. this way we can totally and completely focus on him today.

alas, here is a slide show of our fun today and yesterday. also, i had to post some pictures of jonas over the last couple years.

16 April 2009

1/2 year gone by

porter is 6 months old as of yesterday. it is hard to believe that he was born 1/2 year ago! time does fly. porter is a wonderful little guy- by far, my most happy and mellow baby. he is now getting his 5th and 6th teeth. He still hasn't figured how to laugh out loud, but he squeaks a bit. he is holding his own bottle and just looks at me with such a wonderful smile and look in his eyes. gosh, i love that kid. here are just a couple pictures of portie, one in his high chair and one with daddy.

12 April 2009

happy easter!

having children makes easter so much more fun! i have really been enjoying all the festivities- the egg dying, the easter egg hunt, buying easter outfits, taking pictures, and spending time with family and friends. we went the kellers' ward today which also happens to be our old ward and my best friend carrie's ward. what fun. i enjoyed the talks and the spirit especially of our relief society lesson. easter is a enjoyable time, but it is also the time to remember our savior's resurrection. and for that, i am especially grateful. in addition, we had a delicious dinner with my family out in cranberry. here are some of my favorite pictures of our easter fun.

my boys

here are some easter pics of the boys i had to post separately. whenever this kiddos drive me crazy, all i have to do is take a look at their adorable faces. what cuties.

07 April 2009

april showers...

do not bring may flowers when they are snow flakes. what the heck? is it not april 7th??? it has been snowing on and off all day. and to tell you the truth, i love it. i love the snow. it is beautiful. but it is unusual to see snow on blossoming trees.

i am listening to the acoustic strains of argyll's revenge in my dining room. it is a soothing way to end the day. i love it when the band practices here. i try to make it to all the shows, but having 3 little boys can really get in the way. i am so happy that ben is able to be in the band and do something he loves. and i adore being a groupie.

today was a long day at work. in fact, i just got home about an hour ago. what is happening to my beloved st. margaret's hospital? i had 3 psych cases within 2 hours of each other. crazy. i am back in the emergency room again after completing a 2 1/2 month stint on the oncology unit. i missed my boys today, but look forward to spending some quality time with them this upcoming weekend. the weekends are far too short and the weekdays too long. but weekends definitely motivate me to make it through the week.

alas, i am off to bed, but wanted to post some thoughts. good night, and good luck.

05 April 2009

mimi's coming

a must see. this is argyll's revenge. their first video. filmed in our home. with our dog. awesome. what else can i say. watch and enjoy!