21 February 2010

a whole month...

without posting, what is going on? i lost my blogging mojo. alas, maybe it will return!

highlights of the last month-we are enjoying the warmer weather the last few days. we have gotten over 32 inches of snow in february! we lost power for about 24 hours and then got stuck in the snow on the way to the kellers. we walked the rest of the way. this is the most snow pgh has seen since 1993. crazy!

we got our tax return- hooray! i just bought a whole lot of godiva truffles. and cupcakes from dozen. and pizza. and pepperoni rolls. it was so worth it!

i found my first gray hair. it had to happen at some point. the funny thing is, i just dyed my hair 2 weeks before. i keep trying to dye my hair brown and i feel like it keeps turning red. i hadn't dyed it for almost 1 year.

it is 6:37 am and i can not be accountable for anything i say right now, having worked all night. i should probably end while i am ahead. good day, sir.