21 June 2009

happy father's day!

happy father's day to all you great fathers out there. i have to take a moment to talk about our weekend. first, saturday we went out to cranberry to celebrate father's day with my dad and mom. sunday was spent at church. both pa and dustin spoke in church so we attended sacrament and then went to our ward for the last 2 hours. we enjoyed a bbq with the kellers in the evening and lit some fireworks after. the boys enjoyed the fireworks, although gryffie insists on being held the whole time. i have noticed that both ben and chris are pyromaniacs. but i love it.

my dad is wonderful! he has been such a great example of hard work and perseverance. he is loving and kind, and always so happy when we visit. i love seeing him hold portie. for those of you who don't know, my dad just had his 84th birthday last month and still works full time. i don't think he has ever taken a sick day from work in his life. he is truly an amazing man who i am thankful to have as my dad. i love you, dad!

now on to papa keller. pa is also a wonderful example of fatherhood. perhaps what i appreciate the most about him is the spirit he invites into his home, his love for exercising the priesthood righteously, and his humor. pa is also reliable and is always there when needed. i love you, pa.

finally, my wonderful sweet husband, ben. ben is so frickin' awesome! i love and appreciate all he does. he is the best dad. and he is hot... did i mention i love ben and that he's hot? i even got to take a nap on father's day. some how that doesn't seem fair... but i appreciate it. i love how thoughtful ben is, how he is such an active role in our boys' lives. i really do see us as equal partners. it is amazing to me how much we have grown similiar over the years and really compliment one another. i am lucky to have you, benji. happy father's day.

15 June 2009

another crazy weekend

so i started my new job last week and so far, so good. i am now a care manager for community care behavioral health on the pre-cert team. this essentially means that i provide insurance authorizations to providers who call in requesting drug and alcohol or mental health treatment for patients. part of me feels like i have sold out, but hey, everyone deserves a break once in a while. i begin my computer training this week and will be on my own doing pre-certs next week. it's a change, and i like it.

this past week went well, but i really did not have much down time this weekend to recoup. friday night we hung out together as a family. saturday ben took the praxis 2 english/literature content so that he can begin his master in education in the fall at carlow. i had a baby shower and then we went to sam's club for shopping. ben did yard work and i organized all the cabinets, fridge and freezer, and food storage. later, ben took the boys to the pool and i went and had a pedicure. i am spoiled!

sunday was another crazy day. we went to 1st ward with the gardners for baby grayson's blessing. he is such a cutie and was very well behaved. after church, we went back to care and steve's for a luncheon. we went home so port could get a nap (me too, again, i'm spoiled) and then headed to the kellys' for megan's graduation party. it was lots of fun- good food, including a chocolate fountain, a wicked awesome game of badminton, and a ton of people i love. after, everyone came back to our house for chris' birthday cake. happy birthday, chrissypoo, you 25 year old menace to society. get a ring on kate's finger already... did i say that out loud? anyway, what a great but busy weekend!


i just wanted to include some pictures of argyll's revenge at the bbt. this event occurred on friday, may 29th, but life has been so crazy busy that i have not yet had a chance to post it. freudian hips opened for argyll's revenge and there was a fabulous turnout. i still love being a groupie!

09 June 2009


friday through sunday was filled with celebrating colin and rachel's wedding. friday am, ben, kate, the boys, and i drove down to dc to the temple to see colin and rachel get sealed. (chris joined us on the way back). the weather was rainy, but we still were able to get some good pictures. on the way home, we stopped at the macaroni grill for lunch- yum! saturday was a reception at highland park, where both argyll's revenge and courderoy rebellion (add david and aaron, subtract colin, it was his wedding, you know) played. and sunday, my favorite part, was the ring ceremony and luncheon. the boys were with babysitters, so ben and i were able to enjoy some time with just adults! woohoo, but let me tell you, i did feel bad for poor greg, the random guy whom we did not know, that sat at our table. it was hilarious- everyone was in such a mood! ben was so excited to see the bride and groom kiss that he broke his water glass. there is no other way to describe it than just fun! here are a couple of my favorite pictures of the weekend, as well as a slide show. congrats, colin and rach! we love you guys!

08 June 2009


here are a couple newer pics of the port. he is so much fun. he is about 19 pounds, 8 ounces now and will be 8 most old on june 15. he's still pretty lazy, really showing little desire to crawl or stand up. i'm hoping he takes after gryffie and doesn't walk until he is 1 (jonas walked at 8 1/2 months).

and i had to include a pic of the boys all together in the bath. port is bathing with the big boys now. i love both port and gryff's faces. he he.