25 January 2010

bowling festivities

each christmas, gma and gpa kelly rent out the paa bowling alley for a bowling party and dinner. here are some pictures of our wonderful evening. argyll's revenge also played for the occassion!

18 January 2010

i hit my head

and jonas was concerned. he drew this for me, in case if i was really hurt, i would remember who i should call. sweet little man!

10 January 2010

christmas in rewind

christmas was wonderful. here are pictures. lots of pictures. i took a crazy amount of pictures. but we were busy and had lots of fun. christmas eve we spent with the kellers and then went to aunt betty's for an evening with my side of the family. we also went to my sister cara's house- look at her cute twins!!!! christmas am we were at home and then went to the kellers' again. christmas evening was spent and gma and gpa kelly's home with all our cousins. fun and exhausting.

08 January 2010

snow days

and the snow continued. we enjoyed 3 days of 2 hour delays and then a cancellation on friday! we have a small hill in our front yard and did some sledding while portie napped.

01 January 2010

happy new year

wishing you and yours a very happy new year! from a very snowy pittsburgh keller family!