26 November 2008

happy thanksgiving!

i just wanted to take a moment and wish you all a wonderful thanksgiving. we are having ben's family and my best friend carrie, her son, lochlan, and her parents over for thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. i have been baking, cleaning, and cooking and despite some stress of balancing all that with 3 little guys at home, i am loving every minute of it. i can't wait to spend time with friends and family, and eat tons of delicious food. tomorrow we will be heading over to the kellers' for the annual turkey bowl. ben plays and i hang out and watch the parade while eating lots of doughnuts. it's grand. i have many things to be thankful for at this time of year- my wonderful husband, my great little guys, our home, my parents and in-laws, good friends, a good job, being on maternity leave, the gospel, having a calling i enjoy at church, etc. i could go on for a long time but need to clean the bathroom!!!

to update, porter is 6 weeks old today. he had his check up yesterday and he is 13 1/2 pounds and 22 1/2 inches long. he is in the 97th percentile in weight (no surprise, he is a keller). i am a proud momma- he is sleeping fairly well and continues to nurse like a champ. he's got these crazy cheeks that are so dang squeezable! the boys adore him, as do ben and i.

we also were very pleased to welcome back christian keller, ben's brother, from his mission this week. chris has served the last 2 years in seattle washington and came home last wednesday. we are happy to have him home, especially jonas and gryffin. they are so in awe of their uncle chris. as always, i am a slacker, but will post pictures of his homecoming at a later date. we will be having a shindig for chris on friday at the oakland building relief society room and everyone is welcome. it is a potluck and will start at 5:30 pm.

well, i'm off to clean that bathroom now. again, happy thanksgiving and much love to each of you!

14 November 2008


as promised, photos from halloween- while a bit late, i needed to post pics of my two handsome spidermen. these include the ward trunk or treat, going to the mall halloween party, preschool halloween parade, and halloween night. i had to include a pic of porter as well- he is very mad that we are not letting him eat his candy bar! he is our "hair wolf."

12 November 2008

4 weeks already!!!

i can't believe how quickly time goes by. porter is now 4 weeks old- and still not understanding that he should sleep between the hours of 3 am to 6 am. i am exhausted much of the time, but loving how sweet porter is. the boys are still adjusting well, and i really do attribute much of their ability to adjust to adding george our little beagle to the family recently. they are easily distracted by george, so that is good. jonas is very helpful, willing to get clean diapers or wet wipes as needed.

here are 2 pictures of my little porter. he is great! he doesn't have a doctor's appointment until 11/25, but I am guessing he is close to 12 #s at this point.

09 November 2008

let's hear it for the band

i meant to post this a while ago, but alas, dog, baby, potty training have all been distracting me. back in september, ben, colin, and david played at the ysa (young single adult) conference for church here in pittsburgh. their name- "the literals." this was a one night or one day only gig, and they were quite good. we had a lot of fun hanging out and being "groupies." here are some pics and a short video of the boys in the band.

our newest addition

we took the plunge- we didn't want to, but the boys' car seats were not fitting so well in the back of our car. so here is the newest addition to our family- our honda odyssey. yes, i am feeling so old right now, so not "cool" but let me tell you, this car is great. it is so roomy and i love the automatic doors. it also has leather interior, which will be nice when we start letting the boys eat in the car again and they spill things. i guess things could be worse. i can't think of any of those things right now, but i am sure they will come to me.