18 April 2010

jo-jo six!

jonas is 6 today! time sure is flying! i can't believe my baby boy will be graduating kindergarten soon! he is such a smartie pants, and an adorable sweet boy. we are too much alike though and often bump heads, but i love that he will still take the time to cuddle with me on the couch. can you believe my jo-jo used to look like this???

now, he looks like this!

happy birthday, jo-jo!

15 April 2010

this boy

is 18 months old today! that means, he is officially in nursery! hooray. ah, portie poo. what an amazing little dude. he is such a joy. we went to don pablos today and he loved the music- he couldn't stop dancing. he enjoyed the food today- eating corn cake, chicken enchiladias, and rice and beans. i am so grateful for my porter. look at that face. and those cheeks! how can you not love him???

14 April 2010

oh, happy day

i was offered a new job today with gateway health plan as a medical case manager. what does this mean???

-more money
-mon-fri set daylight shift
-no holidays
-no weekends
-did i mention more money
-talking with members/clients/patients again instead of just providers
-i get to work in the steel building on the 41st floor

exciting! hooray!

09 April 2010

what? snow?

so crazy! it snowed today! just a light flurry, but still. the day before yesterday was 80 degrees. pittsburgh weather is out of control, especially at this time of year.

because it snowed, i don't feel so silly posting my pictures from february. in february, we had 22.5 inches of snow. it was ridiculous but beautiful. we lost electricity for 2 days and stayed overnight at the kellers'. of course, trying to drive there was another story. our car got stuck and we needed to walk the rest of the way- with 3 cranky cold boys. but it was so nice to be in a warm home with wonderful family.

06 April 2010

little bunny fufu

ahh, easter! what a beautiful day! we had a wonderful day with family, including an amazing brunch/easter egg hunt with the kellers and then a delicious dinner with the deeres. we all made out like bandits for the easter egg hunt. i took a nap in the mid-afternoon as i was working night shift the night before.

haha, so i love easter. i like most any holiday, but ben was finding it difficult to explain to the boys about the easter bunny. how big is he? how does he get in the house? does he come down the chimney like santa? it was all quite amusing, but to be honest, they did not care. they were happy to get their baskets the next day and forgot any questions they may have had.