06 April 2010

little bunny fufu

ahh, easter! what a beautiful day! we had a wonderful day with family, including an amazing brunch/easter egg hunt with the kellers and then a delicious dinner with the deeres. we all made out like bandits for the easter egg hunt. i took a nap in the mid-afternoon as i was working night shift the night before.

haha, so i love easter. i like most any holiday, but ben was finding it difficult to explain to the boys about the easter bunny. how big is he? how does he get in the house? does he come down the chimney like santa? it was all quite amusing, but to be honest, they did not care. they were happy to get their baskets the next day and forgot any questions they may have had.

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Meredith said...

Hey Rachie,
i love your blog. Every time i look at it i am like, yup, that's my life too. It's great!