05 July 2010

happy 4th of july

yes! we are still here! life has been busy as always, but now that i am working during the day, there are stricter internet policies and i don't get much of a chance to blog or facebook. but i have a goal to do better!

happy 4th of july everyone! we have had such a wonderful week. we have some wonderful friends, neil and jessica stoddard, plus their boys, sam and jacob, visiting and have been loving spending some time with them. today included! it's so fun to see good friends that i love so much- and it had been 3 years since we last saw them.

today went like this: church, empanadas for lunch, nap, pool, kellers for a bbq and fireworks, oakmont fireworks, then neighborhood fireworks. ben is out playing frisbee with his friends (yes... at 12:07 am) and i just did some cleaning- dishes, laundry, etc. i don't have to work tomorrow and we are going to spend more time together as a family and head to church for another bbq. i love the festivities of the summer!