26 February 2009

in love...with a bass

argyll's revenge played at shootz on tuesday night. here is a short video of their song "forget your worries."

i will be posting some additional pics of the band, but i had to add our "couple pictures." yes, yes, poor chris keller, but hey, he looks fine with that bass, doesn't he?

22 February 2009

a thumb-sucking keller

i am amused by this. ben is embarrassed. i was feeding portie the other evening and was amazed to see that he moved his thumb out of his mouth when i asked him if he would like a bite. he now does this almost anytime we feed him. i love that he is a thumb-sucker.

look at that face...

i love these pictures of porter- they make me giggle. nuff said.

16 February 2009

laundry surprise

so, ben and i have this bad habit of doing the boys' laundry and not putting it away for a while. we have 4 baskets, and 1 ends up being for jomi and 1 for gryffie. well, today the boys' baskets made it upstairs into their room, but the laundry was not put away. and then jonas brought the baskets down empty. i was worried for a moment, wondering what he could have done with all of it. i said, "hey jomi, what are you doing?" he said, "i'm bringing the baskets downstairs. i put away our laundry." he had put away, in the correct drawers, mind you, all of his and gryffie's laundry. he even brought his dirty laundry downstairs. rock on! that kid is awesome!

11 February 2009

hello world!

so despite being listed as a contributor for quite a while, i have yet to add to this fine blog. you are all witnesses to the change. rachel and i have been documenting the odd, yet entertaining things that our children say. today i have something to add. jonas has said something that i wish to share with the world.

one of the boys' favorite shows to watch is "cooking lady." this consists of anyone cooking anything. recently a cook was preparing pickles. jonas said "those pickles look great...i love pickles...i'm going to break that glass, climb inside, and eat all of that lady's pickles."

i thought that you should all know this. now please, go about your business. the end.

roll with it, baby!

portie woke up this morning at 4:00 am and after eating, i laid him back down in his crib. he was not asleep, but at times, he will lay there and suck his thumb contentedly until he goes back to sleep. not this am. as soon as i placed him in the crib, he lifted up his head (yes, he sleeps on his belly as he is much happier that way). i thought, dang it- i have to be at work in 2 hours so i really want this little guy to go back to bed. he made some noises on and off, but then he really started to cry. i went back in to check on him and he had thrown his blanket off of himself and was now laying on his back. poor little guy, he rolled over and probably got scared. anyway, i am excited for portie's first roll! yeah, portie!

09 February 2009

zoo fun

we enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend and decided to go to the zoo. it had been a while. the boys had a great time, and porter thought it was tolerable. (it will take some time for him to enjoy the zoo). we look forward to spending much of the spring and the summer at the zoo, but one of the benefits of going to the zoo in the winter is that it is much less crowded. here are pictures of our fun and some of our favorite animals.

08 February 2009

v-day- a week early

i was talking with my mother-in-law on thursday evening and she asked if she could watch the boys for us saturday night. heck yeah! so ben and i decided to celebrate our v-day date night on saturday, as jonas is having a minor outpatient surgery next thursday, and we are not sure if we would be able to leave him at home next weekend. anyway, ben came home with some beautiful flowers for me.

then we got ready and went out to the waterfront. we went to pf changs- one of our favorite places to eat- for dinner. a table for 2 had a 3 hour wait- can you believe it??? we waited at the bar (i really love that all restaurants are now smoke free, and without 3 kids in tow, it was no big deal to wait) for only 45 minutes and then were able to sit and eat at the bar. we shared some dumplings and chicken lettuce wraps. then we split some crispy honey chicken with brown rice- delicious!!!

after dinner, we went to the improv (one of our new favorite date night activities). larry miller was the headliner. and he was hilarious. it was clean too! we had some cherry cokes and some banana foster bites with strawberry sauce and whipped cream. larry miller was awesome! we spoke with him after and purchased his book, spoiled rotten america, which he signed for ben. i took a picture of ben with larry miller, but i closed his cell phone without saving it. i tried to convince ben to let us go back to get another picture, but ben thought that would be silly. we headed home and all our children were in bed- fabulous! what a wonderful v-day celebration!

porter vs. rice cereal

i can hardly believe that port is almost 4 mos old. these last 4 months have gone by quickly. he is such a good baby- and we decided to get some baby food for him this weekend. yesterday we bought him rice cereal, and a whole lot of veggies and fruits. i wanted to feed him carrots first, but ben insisted we start with rice cereal. he didn't make too much of a mess. my boys have always loved rice cereal- in fact, jonas finished what portie did not eat. afterwards, ben took jonas and gryffie to the park. porter seemed tired, so i nursed him a bit and then he slept from 4:30 pm until 7:00 am. crazy, boy. but i can't complain!

05 February 2009

my guitar hero

i think gryff looks like a little rock star in these pics- i love them. and i love that kid. the boys love playing with the guitar and drums from rock band- i enjoy them a lot as well.

winter fun

well, i have been feeling like a bad mom for not building a snowman with my boys, so i made sure we "played" out in the snow last weekend. the snow was too soft to mold so alas, no snowman was made- we did throw some snowballs and make snow angels. all was well- port was taking a nap at the time- until jonas threw a snowball in gryffie's face (so not cool). and then gryffie started to cry, of course. gryff and i went inside and i made him some hot cocoa. hot cocoa really does make everything better! hopefully we will get a little more snow so that we can officially make a snowman. here are some pictures of our "winter fun."

02 February 2009

the fifth and mimi

here are a couple short videos of argyll's revenge playing at the superbowl party. i am still not able to download the longer video from kelsey's b-day, but here are two original songs- snippets of original songs, i should say. the first is called "the fifth" and the second is "mimi's coming." enjoy!!!


every once in a while, i take some random pictures of the boys. here are a couple newer ones. i feel poor porter has been neglected in the picture scene since i have returned full time to work. so here are a couple recent pics. and while i am at it, here are some random thoughts.

i love that my husband is now in a band. i love seeing him play and sing, and most importantly, do something he loves.

i am happy to see how well porter is doing. he was sick for a week, and today he finally seemed back to normal. what a relief. he had bronchiolitis. poor boy. today he was back to his happy healthy self- cooing, smiling, "talking" like crazy.

i love watching ben wrestle with the boys, although it usually ends up with one of them getting hurt. i love to hear them giggle and play.

even though it is work, i like having a dog. we couldn't have a better dog really. he is house and crate trained and tolerates 3 little boys.

i am so happy carrie is back in the burgh. i love that she, steve, and lochlan were at the superbowl party last night. so happy. carrie is the best friend a gal could have, in addition to that sexy lead singer of argyll's revenge.

01 February 2009

woo-hoo, way to go sixburgh!

what a game. i can't believe how intense it was! way to go, big ben and santonio holmes, and the rest of the pittsburgh steelers! what an awesome, amazing, exciting game. i am so excited for the steelers and this great city we live in! the boys were surprising fabulous for the game- port went to sleep around 6:45 pm and slept through all the ruckus. jonas and gryffin ate way too much junk food and drank far too much soda, but hey, it was quite the occassion. we spent the evening at the kellers with tons of family and friends. and of course, we had a pre-game concert by none other than argyll's revenge- which was again, totally rockin! all in all, one of the best superbowl games i have ever seen and the company definitely did not suck! woo-hoo steelers! here are numerous pictures from before, during, and after the game- the boys were all so exhausted and crashed on the couch- so cute!