31 March 2009

upcoming events

for all you argyll's revenge fans out there, here is the information for the next two shows in which the band will be performing. also, please note that they have a group on facebook and on myspace. the facebook page is legit, but the myspace page is still under development.



Event:Rocking The Rex
Time:Friday, April 24, 2009 at 7:00pm
Location:Rex Thearter
Street: 1602 E Carson St
City/Town: Pittsburgh, PA

"Rocking out and changing lives in the same night...yes, we are that good"

Event:Night of Rock
Time: Friday, May 29, 2009 at 9:00pm
Location: Bloomfield Bridge Tavern
Street: 4412 Liberty Ave
City/Town: Pittsburgh, PA

"21 and over at the BBT. Only five dollars to get in the door and be knocked out with rock. If you can keep still it's your fault, not ours"

29 March 2009

ysa conference

i know i am not single in the least. in fact, i am feeling a bit old after this weekend. argyll's revenge was asked to play the ysa (young single adult) conference in west virginia on friday. what a fabulous time!!! it was so much fun to listen to the music, dance, and hang out with friends. i admit, the most fun was probably the car ride there and back. in our van was chris and sara, matt, and ben and me. chris, colin, and rachel drove separately. i have not laughed so much in a long time! and we stopped at texas roadhouse (one of my favorite restaurants) on the way. they have the best steak and rolls with honey butter. what a wonderful time! thanks, kate, for letting the guys play! and a huge, gigantic thank you to sadzie and beth-beth for babysitting!!!!

here are some pictures of the evening. also, i realize i had not included pics of the band when they played at shootz a couple weeks ago, so i will throw some of those in the mix! notice, too, that chris thielet, "life coach," of the band, is also in some of the pics as well as rachel, colin's beautiful fiance, who sang a song with the guys at shootz.

a big congrats-sadie and dustin

what an exciting week it has been. and here is why: first, sadie and dustin are getting married! we received a call last weekend that dustin had proposed to sadie on the incline! hooray! the big day is set for april 18th! so close, but perfect, i think. here is a picture of the happy couple.

the second exciting event occurred yesterday and today. dustin was baptized and confirmed a member of our church. many people came to the baptism and to offer support. both chris keller and chris thielet gave uplifting talks on baptism and receiving the holy ghost. it was amazing to feel the spririt so strong. dustin, we love you and welcome you, to the church and to our family!

21 March 2009

harmonica man

ben and i love having one-on-one time with the boys and go on mini-dates with them every so often. the other day, ben took jonas to the store with him. i was home with gryffin and porter but port was sleeping. that left gryffie and i time to hang out together. i cleaned up a little, did the dishes, changed the boys' sheets, etc. and then we were going to make some yummy cookies together. right before i came downstairs, i heard a harmonica. and here is what i found.

i love that he has his hoodie up and sunglasses on. gryff is my little music man. here is a short clip of him playing.

19 March 2009


when we were at the park yesterday, we ran into my friend jason who we had not seen in a few years. he took this picture of porter for us. love it. i am trying to get jason to do some family pics for us because he is quite talented. thanks jason!

18 March 2009

walkin' on sunshine

today was the most beautiful day pittsburgh has seen in a while. and although i had to work today, we had some great family time this evening. ben and the boys picked me up from work at 4:00 pm. we went to subway for dinner and then coldstone for dessert. then we headed over to squaw valley park and had some wonderful fun in the sun. i love those boys so gosh darn much. it was nice to be out in the warm weather and all 3 boys were HAPPY, at the same time. no tears, no fights. i did not take any pictures, but really had to comment on what a great day we had. i hope you are all enjoying the weather as well.

13 March 2009

ha ha

so, you know how when you comment on someone's blog, (something i try to do often in hopes it will encourage people to comment on my blog)... well, i digress. i just commented on my friend, johanna's blog, and the word verification- vagibox. am i the only one that thinks this is funny? it totally made me think of the snl skit with jt and andy samberg- d in a box!! speaking of a d in a box, ben still has his from our awesome friend, brian lunt. i am so sitting here giggling!

this week, in review

so, i have been slacking a bit at posting on the blog, in case you didn't notice. to be honest, i haven't even been on facebook all that much either. but i thought i would write a bit about all that has happened this last week...

ben and i had our 7th anniversary! wow, am i am old married person or what!!! i love that man and i am so happy that we have had opportunity to spend some time together and celebrate. i even gave in and went to the chinese buffet in cranberry on saturday. so not my favorite place.

jonas is now registered for kindergarten! crazy, i know. i can't believe my "baby" will be 5 years old next month and that he will be going to school in the fall. i did not work on monday so we took jonas to tour his new school- forbes elementary. he was excited to see all the kids bowling in the gymnasium and the lunch room.

ben is also registered for school. he will be starting at point park university in may for his certification to teach journalism, english, and theatre. i am very happy for him as i know this is a program that he is very excited about. life is definitely going to be busy for the next 1 1/2 years, but it will so be worth it.

porter, sweet porter, is going to be 5 months old in just 2 days. this week he got his 2 bottom teeth. he has been so dang cranky but is now a lot happier since his teeth have broken through. i so love that kid. he still amazes me at how well he sleeps and how gosh darn cute he is. here are some updated pictures- i was trying to get him to sit up but needed to help- notice my hand...