22 June 2008


i've decided to compile a list of jonas-isms. he says the darndest things.

1. what the freakin' heck!

2. i'm not wiping my hands on my pants. i'm just moving them around.

3. i want to fly on an airplane with jesus!

i will continue to add more as the little guy says them!

10 June 2008

can you believe jonas is 4???

i find it hard to belive that my little man has grown so much in the last 4 years, but he is still as cute as ever.

we had a party at chuck e cheese and jonas enjoyed playing with friends, especially brooklyn. here's a short video.

09 June 2008

the boys

here are some recent pics of the boys. aren't they cute? jonas is now
4 and gryffin is 2 1/2. (i'll be adding some pics of jomi's b-day soon)


in march, ben and i had a weekend getaway to nyc. it was crazy fun. we saw spring awakening and cat on a hot tin roof in addition to eating tons of good food, seeing central park, nbc studios, and going to a comedy club. thanks to the tercek fam for letting us hang out!

back again...

well, we have decided to revamp and try again. our previous log attempts have been poor, to say the least. but here we are, back again. hopefully we can keep up.

speaking of being back again, most of you know we are back in the burgh. we moved back last august and recently purchased a new home in verona. it's a nice little cape cod and was a good deal. our favorite part- the fenced in back yard. the boys love to go out and play. we bought a play set for them, but need to find the time to set it up.

ben is working downtown at bny mellon. i am working at st. margaret hospital in the ed. the boys are loving school and hanging out together with friends. this october we will be welcoming our third little man to the clan. stay tuned for our fun and adventures this summer and so on!