09 June 2008

back again...

well, we have decided to revamp and try again. our previous log attempts have been poor, to say the least. but here we are, back again. hopefully we can keep up.

speaking of being back again, most of you know we are back in the burgh. we moved back last august and recently purchased a new home in verona. it's a nice little cape cod and was a good deal. our favorite part- the fenced in back yard. the boys love to go out and play. we bought a play set for them, but need to find the time to set it up.

ben is working downtown at bny mellon. i am working at st. margaret hospital in the ed. the boys are loving school and hanging out together with friends. this october we will be welcoming our third little man to the clan. stay tuned for our fun and adventures this summer and so on!

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princessyaya52 said...

It is crazy how time flies! Your boys are so big and you guys look great! I am glad that you are blogging...hopefully you will keep it up. I love to see how my friends are doing. You can check us out too...
pabstkingdom.blogspot.com....Have a great day and say hi to the 'Burgh for me! Later