22 June 2008


i've decided to compile a list of jonas-isms. he says the darndest things.

1. what the freakin' heck!

2. i'm not wiping my hands on my pants. i'm just moving them around.

3. i want to fly on an airplane with jesus!

i will continue to add more as the little guy says them!


Jessie said...


When my oldest brother went on his mission, my youngest brother Logan was just about Jonas's age. He thought that when his brother left on the plane, that was precisely what he was doing, riding the airplane with Jesus for 2 years.

Every time he saw an airplane pass over our house he pointed and waved, "Jason!!!".

Jonathan said...

Hey Kellers! We found you through Sara's blog. I can't believe Jonas is 4, and saying all those things... Your boys are way goodlookin!