09 May 2010

happy mother's day and happy birthday

happy mother's day to all my friends and family! ahh, i love being a mom! there is really nothing better or more rewarding than being a mom. in church, the boys made mother's day cards and gave me hershey kisses. gryffie's card said "i like it when you hold me" and had a picture of me holding him. adorable. jonas' said "the greatest mom" and had a picture of the two of us holding hands. sweet. we are heading out to cranberry for dinner tonight, because not only is it mother's day, it my dad's 85th birthday! incredible! we are looking forward to celebrating and eating yummy pizza! happy birthday daddy! happy mother's day, mom!

also, jonas came home from school friday with a little plant in a decorated cup, a picture of a cupcake that says how sweet i am, and the following list titled "my mom."

my mom is 30 years old. (he was right on!)

my mom looks prettiest when she dyes her hair.

my mom likes to make spaghetti for dinner.

my mom likes to go on jonas-mommy dates.

my mom likes to go to the beach.

in her spare time, my mom likes to go to the ymca.

all true, i love my boys! happy mother's day!


Lisa said...

What sweet boys.

Unknown said...

So much fun! My kids cards referenced how they love mom becasuse she makes us cupcakes. :)

Michelle said...

Hi Rachel,

It is good to catch up on your blog! Your boys are so handsome. I was just wondering if anyone got in touch with you with regards to Sarah Azizi's great news. She sent out an email to the Mandarin Second sisters because her family is getting sealed in June. She specifically sent out a request that you be contacted. I have the email and her number if you need it.

sonika said...

sweet boys