15 October 2010

happy birthday, baby

portie is 2 today. i guess he is not much of a baby anymore. but he was just a little bit ago.

in the hospital with mommy

learning to sit up

around his first birthday

i took the day off work and we brought jonas in late to school so we could all go to chuck-e-cheese together. we like to get there early in the am so we are the first ones there. it is nice and quiet, plus we get to collect all the free tickets from the game guy testing all the games! score! here is a slide show of the fun:

this afternoon we will be heading down to dc with porter to go to the temple for sadie and dustin's sealing. jomi and gryffie with be having sleepovers with some of their friends. thank you, perrys and manueles!!! i am sure we will celebrate more of portie's b-day with family, too.

happy birthday, little dude!

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