23 December 2010

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas!

i absolutely adore this time of year! it is so much fun and full of traditions. around the keller household, we have been doing our best to celebrate the season! we are thankful to gma and gpa who gave us a lovely 24 days of christmas book in which we read a scripture, story, and sing a song daily. we also now have a little elf on the shelf (also from gma) whom the boys love finding each day. (i am still not sold on the elf, but it is a cute idea.) i was really worried one morning when i forgot to move him. i hurried and moved him before the boys came downstairs (or at least i thought). but gryffie had already come down. when he came down again and told me elf hadn't moved, i was mildly concerned. i said, are you should. he looked around and found him in the new spot. then he said, "boy, he is fast." it is amazing to me how willing children are to believe, especially in anything magical. it does make the season extra memorable.

some of our other fun: we went to see the celebration of lights at hartwood acres, the boys get christmas pjs, we go out to zelienople with family and take a hayride to go cut down our own trees, the boys go out with gma and gpa to buy christmas gifts for the family, we make tons of cookies, we go down to the strip and go shopping/eating on the saturday before, and the boys love making ginger bread houses. christmas eve we usually have a brunch with the kellers and head out to aunt betty's for a christmas eve party. however, this year, aunt betty has to work, so we went out to cranberry to visit last week and to do an early christmas with my parents as well. i am sure we will head out there again over the next week.

ahh, christmas time. it is truly the most wonderful time of the year. i love that it is both a spiritual but festive holiday. i love the music, food, and just all out celebrating! here are a few pictures so far of our christmas fun... there will be a ton more to come.


Libby said...

Your boys are SO BIG! When did that happen?!?

Emily M said...

What are you all up to? We miss you tons!

Anonymous said...

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