15 August 2009


i think most of you know that we lived in jacksonville fl for a year. it was a rough year for our family- ben didn't really care for law school, i wasn't used to being home with 2 crazy kids, and we were in a new place, trying to meet new people, etc. but the one thing that was fabulous about being in florida (other than meeting new friends and falling in love with the lunts) was where we lived. campfield condos. we had a fabulous swimming pool, which the boys still talk about, and a beautiful pond with a sidewalk around it. we would often take walks as a family around the pond in the evening. various animals would frequent the pond, specifically ducks and other birds, although we did see some otters at one time. one of our favorite things to do was to feed the ducks. and we have continued that tradition back here in pittsburgh. we enjoy going to highland park, near the swimming pool, to feed the duckies. there are geese there, too. the boys love it. and it is nice to walk around the park and enjoy the sun.

the duckies

gryffie fishin'

brotherly love-jonas and portie


Lisa said...

Love the fishing pole and the baby's chunky legs. Looks like a fun relaxing day. Some of my favorite times in England was when my dad would take us to the park to feed the ducks. Simple outings are the best.

Emily M said...

OH, how I love Highland Park-- one of the things I miss most about Pittsburgh-- behind you, of course!