20 August 2009

washington county fair

one of our yearly traditions is to go to the washington county fair each summer. the fair opened last saturday and we were there for opening day. the clarks played that night, too, although we were too busy riding rides to stop and listen (and the boys would not let us anyway). jonas especially has been enjoying rides and he even went on the "fire ball" with ben, although it was not his favorite ride. if you don't know what the fire ball is, here's a picture. i didn't ride it.

i like going to the fair for so many reasons- spending time with family, seeing all the animals, looking at the entries for the different prize winners, enjoying the delicious food, specifically gyros and lemonade, and riding the rides. if you haven't gone to the washington county fair before, i would definitely recommend it. so much fun!


Margo said...

we would have had more fun in pittsburgh if we knew about all this stuff! looks like fun.

Amanda Warren said...

This looks like a ton of fun! Wish I was there eating gyros and sipping lemonade too!