04 September 2009

my name is jonas....

jonas' first day of school was great! i woke up at 7:30 am and found him sitting on the couch, dressed in school clothes, with his hat on, all ready to go! he was all smiles and insisted on riding the bus. i had wanted to drop him off to which he replied, "you can drop me off at the bus stop, mommy." so, we all made the trek (1 block away) to the bus stop. the bus was 25 minutes late! but it came and jonas happily jumped on. he was so excited and totally hamming up for the camera too. such a cutie. it was weird not having him home during the day, but after school, we picked him up at the bus stop and headed to max and erma's for a celebratory dinner. when i asked him how his day went, he replied, "good. i didn't go to the principal's office." and he had a green smiley sticker for today. all is well! here is my big boy! i can't believe i have a kindergartener!

all smiles leaving the house

doing a dance

proud daddy

proud mommy


the bus finally arrives

off to school


Lisa said...

Oh I would have been balling. I got teary just looking at the pics and it's not even my kid (can I blame it on the hormones?). Glad Jonas had a great first day and I love that his primary mission was not to go to the Principal's Office. Let's hope he never sees the inside of his/her office unless it is for a reward. I remember our Headmaster (Principal) in my Elem school in England would give us candy every once in while for doing a good job.

Tassi Smith said...

Oh yea! It is crazy to think these kids that were babies when we moved in are Kindergartners. They are so cute.

Emily M said...

Jonas looks so handsome and very brave heading off on the bus! Goodness.

rachel said...

I know! so crazy! I think I am still in denial! Yeah for our cuties!