25 September 2009

the sweetest place on earth

welcome to hershey!

i have been in camp hill/carlisle pa for the last couple days. due to the g-20 summit being held in pgh, our office was moved here this week. i arrived early thursday. let me tell you, it has been a nice but weird experience. i am not used to having quiet time to myself. today i slept in until 10:30 am! it was lovely. when i woke, my friend, stephanie, and i headed to hershey, pa. neither of us had been before. it was a really neat experience. unfortunately, i did not bring my camera for pictures.

we did not have time to go to the amusement park or take the trolley tour, however, we did go on the chocolate tour and took the chocolate tasting adventure class. just so you know, it is now official. i have my master's in chocolate tasting! i also had so much fun buying treats for my boys. i look forward to bringing them to hershey at some point. thanks, steph, for the fun time!

my favorite candy


Jen said...

How fun! I see a trip there in our future...maybe swing by and see you guys, too? How far away are you from Hershey?

Tassi Smith said...

Well that does not make me feel so bad that we never visited while we lived there. I am glad to hear that was your first time. I love hershey kisses also. My mouth is watering just reading this post.

rachel said...

Jen! You totally should swing by on the way!!! We are about 3 1/2 hours from Hershey.

Tassi, don't feel bad. You know I have lived in Pgh all my life and just never went. Next time you come to the burgh, go! I have eaten so much chocolate again today!

Colt said...

My favorite story about Hershey's Kisses involves Nancy Reagan. A friend of my was the Secret Service Agent assigned to her. He was eating a Hershey's Kiss, and he gave her one. She said "what is it?" The agent replied "Its a Kiss, ya eat em." After her first taste of the delicious confection known to all the former first lady asks "well, is there a way to get more of these?"