17 October 2009

dinner guests

we had a big dinner party last night for all out of town guests to celebrate sadie and dustin's wedding. grandma kelly offered her home and about 25 of us crashed for dinner, dessert, and a celebration. here are a couple pictures of the night, including the bride and groom and an awesome pumpkin grandma kelly carved for them.

mr. pumpkin

the bride and groom

grandma krashna

cousin nancy and aunt betty

grandma keller

me and portie

here was the menu:
veggies with dill weed dip
warmed brie with apricot preserves on crackers
cool berry soup
chicken salad on rolls
linguine salad
mixed green salad with poppyseed dressing
apple crisp with vanilla ice cream.


side note: sadie and dustin got married in april, but had a ring ceremony/reception scheduled for saturday night.


Lisa said...

The brie sounds delicious.

Amanda Warren said...

The menu was making my mouth water.

Your Portie is very portly. :) I'm sure that isn't the first time you've heard that.

rachel said...

haha, that's the way we make them- they have all been huge- he is actually the smallest, if you can believe that!