15 October 2009

one fine day

my portie is 1 today! i can't believe it. he is such a wonderful sweet boy. he is starting to get into everything!!! i love his snuggles, his smiles, the way he giggles and says mama, dadda, and all done. love that boy.

highlights of the day included a pizza/salad dinner with the kellers, including gma and gpa keller who are visiting from colorado. happy birthday sweet porter!

a year in review

my little thumbsucker- day 1

lovin' the daddy

trying to sit up

4th of july

1 year old


Jen Stanford said...

Wow! I can't believe Porter is 1 year old, too. I miss talking to you and am glad I can keep up with you guys via your blog.

rachel said...

Thanks Jen!