31 October 2008

happy halloween

we have had some halloween fun, and it will be continuing tonight as well. last saturday was the trunk or treat at church which was a lot of fun and included many types of different chilis- YUM!!! then on tuesday, we headed out to ross park mall for their halloween night. we thought it was a trick or treat night, but they only had little activities set up, so the boys were a little disappointed. ben took them to the candy store while porter and i went to godiva chocolates. i was only going to buy 2 pieces of candy, but to my surprise, they had cranberry truffles- my absolute favorite! plus they had all these crazy new flavors of truffles. needless to say, i bought 16 instead of 2 and have been enjoying 2 truffles a day.
today, the boys had their halloween party and parade at school. porter and i joined in for the parade and i am proud of us for walking the parade route with them. the boys are dressed up this year as spiderman- jonas is the "red" spiderman and gryffie the "black" spiderman- (venom). they had such a good time. both of them love their costumes as they have the built-in muscles. jonas' joke is "do you have tickets?" you respond "to what" and he says "the gun show" as he flexes his big muscles!
tonight the kellers will be joining us for trick or treating and bringing us delicious pizza! hooray. i am looking forward to enjoying some of the boys' spoils. pictures to come. happy halloween everyone!

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Libby said...

I want to see Jonas's gun show!!! We've been trying to teach Beth about flexing her muscles, but it's pretty much in vain. She curls her arm up, but doesn't understand the whole flexing the muscle part. Ducks her head and grins. It's pretty girly...Beth to a T.