10 October 2008

here to stay

well, i just had to let you know that sweet little george is here to stay! we picked him up sunday and so far, he is doing great! the boys are so in love. he has only had one accident in the house and he has made friends with buddy and sampson! we love our family walks together. he loves the backyard and is doing well. thanks again to may and dan for sharing their puppy with us- don't forget, you guys have visitation rights at any time!

and did i mention only 5 more days? i am doing well. i hit my 60 pound weight gain mark, however. oh well. i am looking forward to having little porter join our family- and being off work for 12 weeks! 12 weeks! how exciting! i look forward to spending time with the boys. my last night being on call is tonight. i figure i will work monday and then a half day tuesday. then after work tuesday, carrie and i are going to get pedicures. (did i mention i love that the gardners are back in town) then book group is that night. then the next morning, i have a baby. i think that is the nice part of having huge children and needing to schedule a c-section- i can plan ahead.

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Libby said...

Hear, hear for planning ahead! Enjoy book group -- wish I could be there too.