28 September 2008


our friends, may and dan, have the cutest little beagle pup, george, who is about 4 mos old. we are considering becoming his new owners and had a trial run this weekend. there were some ups and downs, but overall, we had a great time with him. the boys, jonas especially, are already very attached, but right now is such a hectic time that we will probably hold off on taking him until about 1 week after the baby is born. we had so much fun with him this weekend, that i had to post some pics- i'm sure there will be some more in the future.


Unknown said...

George looks like he fits right into the family!

We'll be in Pittsburgh the weekend of Oct 17 so if you're up for a visitor your first weekend home I'd love to stop by and meet Porter and see you and the rest of the family!


Meredith said...

Dan's dream is to have a dog...hmmm...oh well. Dog sitting is a really good idea though. Oh, and by the way, you do NOT look like you have gained over 50 lbs. You just look cute!

Emily M said...

How fun. He's a cute pup and even cuter boys.