14 September 2008

brotherly love

sometimes jonas does things that surprise me. he and gryffin often bicker. usually jonas instigates and gryffin ends up biting or pinching jonas in retalliation. it can be quite annoying. but then there are those moments when i can really see how much they love and care about each other. they insist on sleeping in the same room together, even though they could be in 2 separate rooms. they love to wrestle and give each other hugs. yesterday, we went to red robin for dinner. i don't know if you are familiar, but they usually have balloons at the entrance for kids to take. well, gryffin picked his blue balloon and jonas his red balloon. we drove home from the restaurant, no problem. now, when we got out of the car, gryffie accidently let his balloon go and as ben said, he "gave the balloon to jesus." (ben is embarrassed that he said something "like that" and that i am letting everyone know as he never thought he would be one of "those" people.) gryff was very upset, and jonas, without skipping a beat, offerred his balloon to gryffie. it was one of those moments that made me feel happy and lucky to have 2 such good little boys.

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Jessie said...

that it is the sweetest thing ever:)