25 September 2008


we enjoyed a fun saturday at kennywood about 3 weeks ago. we went with ben's parents and aunt sadie. the boys had a blast! jonas and gryffin keep asking to go back and we sadly have to say, not until next year. it amazes me how excited they get for upcoming events. for example, we are planning to head to trax farms on october 10 for the fall festival (pumpkins, hayride, etc) and in each prayer, the boys always bless that we will have a fun time at trax farms in a couple days. it is fun to see them anticipate things they are excited for.

anyway, i do digress. here are a couple pics of our fun adventures at kennywood. i am still working to get the boys to look at the camera and smile (they are so dang stubborn!!!) but i think i got a couple good pics!

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