10 September 2008

5 weeks and counting

i don't know when this all happened, but apparently we are having another baby 5 weeks from tomorrow. crazy! these past 8 months have flown by. i am tired- and have gained quite a bit of weight- 51 pounds to be exact (60 the last 2 times, so this is normal i guess for me). i am excited to spend time at home with the boys and enjoy my 12 weeks off of work.

ben painted the nursery this week. we still need to wash all the baby stuff we have saved up. and we need to purchase a dresser and changing table. then we will be physically prepared. emotionally, that's a different story. i am very excited for little porter to join our family. i know it will be a huge blessing! and the boys are so thrilled to have a little baby around the house. but it all seems a bit surreal still! guess i better accept it now, huh?

on a side note, i am so excited to be here in pgh! and my best friend in the world, carrie, is now back in the burgh as well. i also had time today to connect with 2 of my good friends from florida- jamie and mary! you girls are the best! i am glad to hear that things are going well for you both!

i still need to post some pics from denver. and we have had more adventures this summer too- the washington county fair and kennywood (a local amusement park). i think that will be my goal for tomorrow night!

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Jen said...

prego pics?!