13 October 2008

trax farms

we went to trax farms yesterday with ben's parents, sisters beth and sadie, and sadie's boyfriend, dustin. the weather was surprisingly warm for this time of year. we played and fed the animals in the petting zoo, took a hayride, went through the cornmaze, and picked our pumpkins. also, as tradition, we also went through the market and sampled the different apples and cider. after filling our carts with lots of fun treats, we ate lunch together (thanks to ben's parents!)-a mix of all the delicious food we found throughout. i always have to buy some fudge, just for me. it's fun to go each year and the boys adore it. here are numerous pics as well as a short video of jonas getting mauled by some goats while he is feeding them.

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Margo said...

I so miss Trax Farms. We have searched high and low (ok, I'm exaggerating a bit, but we have driven to several places) to find a pumpkin farm that has animals, hay rides, train rides, and massive piles of pumpkins but haven't been successful. They are all more expensive and not as cool. Did you get to see the unicorn goat??