20 January 2009

here we go

here we go, steelers, here we go. pittsburgh's going to the super bowl! what a game we had on sunday. i was beginning to get worried and then troy polamalu intercepted and ran that touchdown! woohoo! how exciting! we were at the kellers for a small steelers party. numerous friends and family were there. the boys enjoyed hanging out with gma and making their ginger bread houses (we are a bit late on many of our christmas celebrations this year, which i why i just sent christmas cards out this past week!!). we enjoyed the food and friendship. of course, gryff and jonas were able to pick 2 things out of "grandma's special box." jonas picked this sour candy, and the pics at the end are of sadie, chris, sara, and colin trying the sour liquidy goo.

the boys did really well despite being up so late. porter did not like the yelling, but was able to fall asleep upstairs at 8:00 pm and did not wake up until the end of the game. at one point, we were a little worried about the floor caving in as everyone was jumping so crazily.

did i mention, here we go steelers! how exciting!

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Christy said...

Yeah now that we're in AZ CJ is torn between the teams. He's still a Steelers fan. I on the other hand have never been much of a football fan. I like your slideshow!! How all goes well!!