11 January 2009

jonas-ism #7

jonas has been saying some funny things lately. today we were watching the steelers' game. ben said something about san diego and jonas said "san diego, oh no, not san diego! what is that even about?" he then continued to repeat this throughout the game. it was amusing. did i mention, go STEELERS!!!


James said...

Jack loves the Chargers "because they have lightning", while Harris is wise enough to hold the party line and excitedly thinks every white/blue team is the Cowboys (Em and Harry both asked the last two weekends if the Cowboys were playing).

During the game last week Jack saw that the Chargers were on, but I told him they were playing against Pittsburgh. He then said "I'm from Pittsburgh!" and when I asked him who he wanted to win he got a serious face and left the room. Who knows?

rachel said...

haha, that is funny. Poor Harry, so confused!