19 January 2009

a man's business with a little ben on the side

saturday night we went to finnegan's wake to see "a man's business" play. this is the band in which chris keller (ben's brother) and our beloved colin pinto-martin play. can i tell you i am meant to be a groupie??? i love that all places in pittsburgh are now smokeless. it is a lot easier to enjoy being out. so anyway, the boys in the band did well. ben played 2 songs with them and also sang and played a couple songs on his own. ben's dad also got some stage time playing the harmonica. here are some pics and videos of the boys saturday night.

on a side note, there is now a new band forming (chris, colin, and ben) and their first gig is a party on saturday night! how fun! ben just got a new guitar and a freakin' huge amp. i have always told ben he should be in a band. the name will be revealed in the near future... rachel (colin's fiance) and i were trying to get them to name the band "lovers of rachel." chris wasn't for it. what will the name be? i know you can't wait!


Jessie said...

AWESOME! We're so sad we missed the last gig.

What's wrong with Lover's of racheL??? Chris loves you too, doesn't he?:)

rachel said...

That was my thought exactly!!!