11 January 2009

i've been tagged...

my friend bobbie tagged me. And here are the rules:

1-share 6 non-(though not necessarily un-) important things about yourself on your blog.
2-tag 6 blogging friends to then do the same.
3-let each person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
4-let your tagger know when your entry is up.

so here goes:

1-my secret ambition in life is to be like clarice starling from silence of the lambs. i would love to be an fbi agent and work with the criminally insane. i would love to be a profiler or a forensics specialist (think of dr. george huang on law and order svu which is also one of my favorte shows). in college, i took my first abnormal psychology class and volunteered at the utah state hospital in the forensics unit (the lock down unit for people that have committed crimes but are found not guilty by reason of insanity). i loved it. i have very fond memories of playing bingo and volleyball with some very wacky men and women. and i went on to work at western psych here in pittsburgh for 5 years. i love crazy people, it is true. especially schizophrenics. it amazes me how the human mind works.

2-i have serious stage fright. i consider myself an outgoing, friendly person. i am not shy, but if you get me up on stage to sing a song, play my flute, give a talk or lecture, i basically "freak out." i start shaking intensely. when i used to have solos in band, i would have people comment that i did well but ask how i was able to play when i was shaking so badly. during my 2nd field placement for school, i was able to get over some of my anxiety when i had to interview patients in front of my supervisor, the doctor, resident, and nursing students. but that was 4 years ago, and some of that comfortability has worn off. it's quite annoying and something i need to work on.

3-i started off as a chemical engineering major in college. i loved chemistry in high school and learning how things work together, so decided to major in chemical engineering. what was i thinking? not for me. i then changed to humanities with an emphasis in music. also not for me. i always thought i could play the flute well, but at byu, i realized that there were a lot more talented flutists than myself. i struggled with even basic piano and sight singing classes (probably also related to my performance anxiety). anyway, i finally decided on marriage, family, and human development and did well after that point. in grad school, i got all a's except for one b+ in psychodynamic theory- i don't have much to say about that class. i did not like my teacher, she had man hands.

4-i come across as sort of a prude, but i love crass and crude humor. i love going to comedy clubs regardless of how offensive the humor may be at times. sometimes i admit i am astonished at what people say, but i find the experience to be invigorating. it is so good to laugh! we went to the improv last night and the 2 comedians were quite amusing but i could never repeat most of the things that they said. there was one joke about an itchy sweater, but it's just not the same if i tell it. i blame my husband. what an a-hole.

5-i am an unapologetic chocoholic- probably something that most people know about me already. i have to eat chocolate everyday. and when i am pregnant, i basically eat 1 candy bar per day. full size, of course. sometimes, i eat just chocolate for breakfast. i know it is not a good thing to do, but my point of view is basically eat what i am craving. if i want chocolate, i should eat it. if i eat something else, i am still going to want that chocolate, so why bother with the middle man?

6-i am secretly happy that i have all boys. most people ask me if i am going to have another child to "go for that girl" but truthfully, part of me is relieved to have my boys. maybe it is because i am a social worker and have seen how girls are more likely to be victimized. i am not saying that boys have it "easier" but that they have different struggles. i feel i have the ability to be a better mother to boys than girls.

and now, my friends, you are tagged:

1-johanna b
2-emily m
3-jessie h
4-amy s
5-rachel m
6-marie m


Maja said...

wow! Rachel you are really smart. and a little crazy for liking people that are a little dangerous. Way to go! someone needs to help them, just glad it isn't me.

Bobbie said...

So cool to find all these things out about you. I adore my 3 boys and my 1 girl, but I feel I'm a much better mom to the boys than the girls. I just don't "get" her as well as I feel I get them. And I'm shocked by that fact. When I was expecting Simon, I was so sure he was a girl b/c I couldn't imagine mothering a boy. Hopefully, Emma won't suffer from my clumsiness and (at times) ineptitude. But I'm sure she'll look back once she's an adult and wonder what the heck I was doing throughout her childhood.

And the crazies? Awesome. Everyone we deal with is crazy on one level or another. I'm glad you can find it in you to not just deal with but enjoy the ones *everyone* recognizes as a little whacky.

McAffee said...

Oh man- no pressure, right?
I'll see if I can do it tomorrow, right now I've got to try to sleep.
See you soon!

Jessie said...

oh man I haven't updated my blog in FOREVER!!! I bet everyone stopped visiting it like a month ago:) But when I get caught up, I'll respond to your tag:)

Oh and my dad is FBI so if you really want to, he could tell you what it's like and how to get in and stuff:)