08 January 2009

jonas-ism #5- adventures in the english language

so the boys love the movie kung fu panda, and have watched it numerous times as ben loves it too. there is a scene in the movie where po the panda is training with master shifu and gets hit in his "tenders." well, now when the boys wrestle, anytime they get hit (anywhere) they say "oh, my tenders." well, jonas knows it really means in the privates. so today i said "oh, my tenders" and jonas said, "you don't have tenders, you have ba-tenders" and i said, "ba-tenders? why ba-tenders?" and jonas said "because you don't have a penis, you have a bagina." oh, that silly boy! (we did correct him, so now i have va-tenders.)


Johanna said...

Holy crap that had me laughing so hard. I am afraid of what EZ will come out of EZ's mouth as he gets older and we have to go into detail about body parts and such.

Sarah Kay said...

nothing like a va-tender.

Bobbie said...


And, by the way, I'm tagging you on my blog:


You're it!