06 July 2009

happy 4th of july

a couple days late! yet another weekend of fun! friday was a big day! especially for jomi. we finally bought him shoes with ties and he learned to tie his shoes. he also road a bike without training wheels! hooray! friday night, we had a bbq at church with friends. betsy ross made a surprise visit to the kids and educated them on the importance of celebrating the 4th of july.

saturday we went to colin's and had a bbq- much fun, especially the fireworks! i'm actually quite surprised no one got hurt, specifically colin as ben wailed numerous amounts of fireworks at his feet. saturday night we went to oakmont to see the fireworks. usually we get the boys home to bed, but we decided to go. we didn't want to head downtown, and i think oakmont was perfect for us- plus there was NO traffic on the way home. even port stayed awake.

sunday, church, of course. then a brunch at gma and gpa kelly's for gpa's b-day celebration! happy birthday, grandpa! last night was another bbq, at our house, with friends and family, and more fireworks!

happy 4th of july! hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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