15 July 2009


the boys love to write their own songs. some of them are cute, some of them are funny, some of them are highly inappropriate. i think they get that from their dad. the boys have there own "penis song" which they sing frequently in the bath and even do a little dance. another song they sing is basicallly just the refrain "poopin' in the water, poopin' in the water." my boys are weird, i know it. but yesterday at work, i was singing this song to myself as i walked to the bathroom. it seemed to be good timing, but then today jonas was singing this at the grocery store... he was thrilled when i told him i was singing it to myself yesterday.


Markie said...

Hey - I'm good with whatever it takes to get the poop in the water

Unknown said...

So cute! My kids do the same thing! They also get it from their dad.

Your boys are ADORABLE!!