31 July 2009

"pittsburgh day"

i have absolutely been loving my time off of work, and of course, am not looking forward to going back monday evening, but whatever, one has to work, right? right now we are at home taking a break from camping in the rain. what do you do during the day when it is pouring down rain? you can't stay in the tent, can you? so we opted for coming home, showering, and i had to check my e-mail, facebook, and update the blog.

monday ben and i had a "pittsburgh day" with the boys. this consisted of getting jimmy john's for lunch and having a picnic at the point. we dipped our feet in the fountain, walked by the river, and then took the duquesne incline to mt. washington to look at the stunning views of our city. ben keeps trying to convince me to move away, but i LOVE this city. here are some of my favorite pictures of the day (i know, i am a picture fiend) and then a slide show.

the city i love

benji and port

cute brothers

me and da boys


Margo said...

oh, i miss that pittsburgh skyline! and I love the photo with you and the two boys.

Stefanie said...

Pittsburgh is a gem, don't leave! We miss the place and all of you guys that make it so great!