07 July 2009

two random thoughts

mallo cups and the 13th floor

i love mallo cups and am eating some now as part of my lunch. i love reese's peanut butter cups, too, but one thing i have realized, pb cups are now much smaller in size than they used to be. mallo cups aren't! they are still as big as normal. and for that reason, mallo cups, i love you! nice!

i have been having some training today and yesterday at a different building than i usually work. the training is on the 17th floor. i have noticed in the elevator that there is no "13th" floor listed, but... there still is a 13th floor, right? it is just called the "14th" floor. superstitions get the best of people. i know at western psych there were 15 floors, and the 13th floor was just the 13th floor. it was also the floor where all the borderlines went... anyway, why not have 13th floors if hospitals continue to have rooms such as 666. just a thought.

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