18 July 2009

happy birthday!!!

ben's birthday was 7/16. we had a wonderful day- full of food and fun, really. we started the am by going to the ymca to work out. then we headed out to homestead for the new seafood buffet, hokkaidos. it is more of a "chinese" buffet, similar to the one out in cranberry. it was surprisingly not so bad... i am not a fan of buffets. after lunch, we headed home for nap time and i stayed home with port, while ben took the older boys to the pool. following the pool, we hit up red robin for dinner. then off to bed went the boys, beth beth came over, and ben and i met colin and rachel to go see harry potter, which completely ROCKED!!! i am jealous of ben's birthdays- it's a day just to himself. i share mine with jesus, which really doesn't seem fair.

anyway, enough about me, more about ben. he's 28 now, and as awesome and sexy as ever. some things i love about him:

he is my best friend
he is so darn thoughtful
he lets me nap when porter sleeps
he is so good to the boys
he mellows me out
he has a wonderful sense of humor
he is 100% devoted to me and our kids
he loves jesus
he works hard
he is starting his m.ed in the fall at carlow, way to go!
he cooks, well!
he is handy around the house, and motivated!
he is a talented musician
he is an amazing teacher
he rocks my world
he buys me godiva truffles, a lot!
he lets me embarrass him by writing these blog posts

love you, benji!

addendum: pictures from ben's b-day dinner with the kellers


Emily M said...

We went to the same movie for James' B-day! Wish we could have gone with you two. Glad it was a good day for Ben. Miss you guys.

Christy said...

Happy Belated Birthday Ben! :) Rachel, I love your posts! :)