19 December 2008

back to work and fhe

monday i went back to work. i am a social worker at st. margaret's hospital in the emergency room (i love the crazies!!). i am working mondays and tuesdays until jan 12 when i start back full time. at that time, ben will be on leave from his job. my first 2 days were busy but fine. it was sad to leave porter, but i have great friends who watched him, so it was not as hard as it could have been. it was so wonderful to see port when i picked him up- i held him for 5 minutes before putting him in his car seat to go home and he was all smiles! so cute! he is by far my smiliest (probably really not a word) baby.

monday night we decorated cookies for fhe. here are some pics of the fun. i think the boys ate more icing than they decorated! notice how hopeful george is that some cookies may fall. he ate the table cloth later! true story, i heard him pulling on the table cloth and sent him to his bed. later he got sick, and low and behold, i came to discover he had eaten some of the table cloth. crazy dog!


Emily M said...

way stinkin' cute.

Jen said...

This made me laugh. Do you ever, I guess have expectations of how an activity will go?! We did this last week and I imagined us nicely decorating cookies and the boys having so much fun...but it was complete chaos. Jackson spilled the sprinkles all over the table and was licking them up, Bryce was forever screeching, and Triston was mad about something...but it was a blast! Sounds like you are adjusting great to the new addition!