08 December 2008

the return of chris keller aka uncle chris

as i mentioned before, elder christian keller returned from the seattle washington mission on november 19, 2008. out of all of us, i think jonas and gryffin are the most excited to see their "uncle chris." the boys were up until 2:00 am as chris' flight did not arrive until 8:59 pm and then we went to greentree for his release and back to the kellers to spend some time together. the boys did great, so i think they will be able to handle staying up until new years this year. some of the fun at the airport included seeing many friends, losing some of chris' welcome home balloons and watching the creative ways people tried to retrieve them, and of course, chris meeting porter christian keller for the first time. the boys are in awe of uncle chris- and so are we. we look forward to spending more time with him!

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Rachel and John said...

How fun! It is the best to see someone you havent seen forever! I miss you...and your family is beautiful! Love ya, Rach