29 December 2008

the gryffie turns 3!

today is gryffie's b-day- my little guy is now 3 years old! that is so crazy to me. i remember when he was just a baby. look at how cute he is! unfortunately, i had to work today, but we went to red robin to celebrate gryff's b-day. gma and gpa keller joined us along with beth-beth and uncle chris. dinner was great and dessert even better. we got a couple sundaes from the restaurant and brought along a cake for gryff from the oakmont bakery (thanks beth). gryff was so cranky after school, but was so happy after dinner. he was dancing around outside, being silly like a little gryffie should be. i love that kid. he is such a good boy. some of the things i love about gryffie:

-his cuddles
-his singing
-his dancing
-wrestling with him
-hiding from him and jumping out to scare him when he looks for me.

yeah, i love that boy!


Jessie said...

I can't believe it either!! He was such a precious, beautiful baby, and he's grown up to be the cutest toddler!

oh and i lOOOOOOOVE the Oakmont bakery. Holy heck it's amazing!

Unknown said...

So cute! And what's the Oakmont bakery? Maybe you guys should hook us up at the next book group...

rachel said...

the oakmont bakery is synoymous to willie wonka's chocolate factory in deliciousness. it's amazing!!! perhaps i will bring something next week.

Christy said...

He is so cute!! All your kids are cute!