08 December 2008

porter's blessing

so we had porter's blessing last sunday, november 30, 2008. and of course, my camera was out of batteries and we did not get the chance to take any pictures. how sad. many of our family friends joined us at church for the blessing and we would like to thank mom and dad keller, beth, sadie, dustin, and chris for being there as well as carrie and lochlan, dave and marion, may and dan, jessie and andy, chris and sarah, and colin. i really appreciate everyone and all their support. here are a couple newer picures of my munchkin- look at those cheeks!! he's my 15 pound 2 month old!


Sarah Kay said...

Would you look at those cheeks. You don't make petite babies, do ya? And to think how petite you are, it baffles my mind!

Emily M said...

Wow, he is so cute. I love it!