25 December 2008

happy birthday and merry christmas!

well, today is my birthday- my 30th birthday!!! it's also jesus' birthday. hooray! although technically we all know i was really born on this day and jesus was born sometime in the spring. anyway...did i mention i was 30? i am actually okay with that. i mean, hey, i am happy with my life. i wish we had more money, but who doesn't??? i have a wonderful hubby and 3 beautiful boys. my 2 month old is sleeping 9-11 hours straight at night. i have a cute dog, although he drives me crazy and i love our little house and our super cool mini-van. i also have a master's degree and a decent job. so i can't complain. it has been a good birthday-uneventful but good. i made a really yummy dinner and we had the kellers and dustin over. it was very laid back- much more so than thanksgiving. i only wish my parents had been able to join us.

christmas eve was also great. we went to the kellers' for a christmas brunch and then headed out to baden to my aunt betty's house. it is a christmas eve tradition to go both places and is lots of fun. we have tons of delicious food to eat. after we got home, we took some pics of the boys and i helped porter put his "baby's first christmas" ornament on the christmas tree. the boys went to bed and ben and i exchanged gifts. then santa claus came- the boys made out like bandits!

some of the highlights of christmas: definitely all the traditions: caroling, family, friends, going to the strip district, shopping, wrapping. this year, i was also in charge of the christmas lesson for young womens at church. we have seven amazing girls. i enjoy spending time with them each week. i love being able to celebrate the christmas season with wonderful family and friends. i am especially grateful for my own little family. i am blessed to have these 3 little boys in my life.

so here are a bunch of pictures from our trip to the strip, christmas eve, and christmas day. it seems easiest to do a slide show. merry christmas everyone!

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